Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

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Benefits for the Gas Station Manager

Overview of Employee Tasks

Efficiently manage and monitor your employees' activities with the Miratag application. Create checklists, check task completion, and have an overview of responsibilities. Gain valuable insights, track progress, identify improvement areas, and make informed decisions for better optimization of workforce management, enhancing workplace well-being, and increasing productivity.

Simple Setup of Reporting Forms

Our software allows for easy and fast configuration of monitoring sheets. With an intuitive user interface, you can easily customize them according to your business needs. Choose from predefined templates or create sheets from scratch, add fields important to you, define data types, and set up workflow rules. With us, you save time and ensure accurate data collection and storage.

Quick Resolution of Disputes

With Miratag software, where tasks are digitally documented (including incoming goods receipts, signatures, photos, etc.) and responsibilities are clearly defined, you ensure a swift resolution of disputes between both employees and partners. With our solution, disputes become a thing of the past in your company.


Managing gas stations or convenience stores involves a variety of tasks, including ordering and receiving goods, proper storage, inventory tracking, compliance with health and hygiene requirements, planning employee tasks, scheduling, and much more. Miratag helps streamline and automate these tasks, reducing human errors and saving valuable time.

Food Safety

Convenience stores must adhere to strict food safety regulations to ensure customer health and safety. With Miratag, you can track food quality and safety from suppliers to serving. We enable the automation of processes and better documentation of quality control to ensure compliance with legal requirements.


To mitigate both food waste and poorly planned use of working hours, it is advisable to collect and analyze this data. Based on honest and accurate data, it is possible to make informed decisions for the sustainability and growth of the business. Miratag offers various analysis and reporting features, allowing cafes to monitor their performance or detect potential issues and deviations ahead of time.

We also provide personal training and Miratag deployment support to ensure a seamless integration!

Getting started with us is easy

Create a Miratag account. Set up the monitoring sheets and checkpoints you need. If you need guidance, don't forget to reach out to our professional consultant. We're happy to help all newcomers experience a quick and smooth integration!


After setup, you can start collecting the data you need. To conveniently fill out monitoring sheets, download the free Miratag mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.


That's how easy it is to benefit from Miratag's digital solutions! What's important to you will be stored, easily accessible, shareable with colleagues, and ready for effortless analysis.


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Enhance and Simplify Quality Control Processes

Here are some examples of monitoring sheets that streamline gas station management and help consistently meet quality requirements:
Incoming Goods Inspection
Delivery Invoices
Hazard Assessment in the Workplace
Allergen Documentation
Quality Control Sheets
Temperature Logs
Occupational Safety Audit and Control
Incident Reports
Pest Control
Cleaning Sheets
Inventory Control
HACCP Documentation
Coffee Machine Refilling
Frying Oil Inspection
Return Documentation
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