Logistics & Warehousing

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Benefits at Logistics & Warehousing

Operational Efficiency Enhancement

By digitizing documents and automating workflows, Miratag significantly reduces manual processes, leading to faster and more efficient operations.

Data Accuracy and Reliability

The platform ensures that all logistical data, from shipping documents to inventory levels, is accurate and up-to-date, minimizing errors and improving decision-making.

Document Digitalization

By using Miratag, you can easily digitize important documents, such as delivery notes, monitoring sheets, and warehouse reports, reducing paperwork and increasing workflow efficiency.

Rapid Dispute Resolution

With the Miratag solution, where tasks are digitally recorded, including delivery notes, signatures, photos, and defined responsibilities, you ensure rapid dispute resolution between employees and partners.With Miratag, you can easily digitize important documents such as delivery notes and inventory reports, reducing paperwork and increasing process efficiency.

Easy Configuration Of Report Forms

Our software allows for customizing monitoring sheets according to your company's needs, enabling flexible and specific monitoring based on individual processes and standards. Choose from predefined templates or create monitoring sheets from scratch, add important fields, define data types, and configure workflow rules.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

The software helps companies stay compliant with industry regulations by maintaining proper records and ensuring that operations meet legal standards.

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Getting started with us is easy

Create a Miratag account. Set up the monitoring sheets and checkpoints you need. If you need guidance, don't forget to reach out to our professional consultant. We're happy to help all newcomers experience a quick and smooth integration!


With everything set up, it's time to collect the data you need. Simply download the Miratag mobile app and effortlessly fill in the monitoring sheets you've customized.


Great news! Now you too can reap the benefits of Miratag's digital solutions. Your important data is stored, easily accessible, shareable with colleagues, and ready for effortless analysis.

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Enhance and Simplify Quality Control Processes

Here are some examples of monitoring sheets that facilitate transportation and warehouse management and help ensure compliance with logistics processes:
Vehicle Inspection
Driver Audit
Complaint Forms
Incident Reports
Quality Control Audits
Goods Receipt Inspection
Packaging Inspection
Warehouse Temperature Monitoring
Warehouse Pest Control Management
Driver and Vehicle Hygiene Audits
Outgoing Goods Quality Checks
Delivery and Pickup Verification
Emergency Equipment Checks
Compliance With Transportation Regulations
Sanitation Inspections
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