Security Service & Monitoring

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Benefits for Security Firms

Object Monitoring

Miratag allows security firms to monitor events at sites in real-time, ensuring better traceability and control.

Patrol Assurance

The solution enables efficient management of security patrols, ensuring regular monitoring and passing through designated checkpoints.


Miratag helps security firms reduce paperwork by digitizing documentation, ensuring fast and accurate data management.

Access Control

Miratag assists in controlling access to objects, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter specific areas.

Performance Analysis

Through the software, the effectiveness of security processes can be analyzed, enabling better decision-making and activity optimization.

Partner Trust

Miratag helps enhance partner trust by ensuring efficient security service delivery and high-quality process monitoring.

Digital checklists and notifications make employees’ work routine and create a stress-free work environment.

Getting started with us is easy

Create a Miratag account. Set up the monitoring sheets and checkpoints you need. If you need guidance, don't forget to reach out to our professional consultant. We're happy to help all newcomers experience a quick and smooth integration!


With everything set up, it's time to collect the data you need. Simply download the Miratag mobile app and effortlessly fill in the monitoring sheets you've customized.


Great news! Now you too can reap the benefits of Miratag's digital solutions. Your important data is stored, easily accessible, shareable with colleagues, and ready for effortless analysis.

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Enhanced Patrol Monitoring with Real-Time Reporting

Explore use cases showcasing how our technology enhances security operations, improving efficiency, accountability, and response times across various scenarios:
Patrol Inspection
Event Incident Report
Patrol Dispatch
Outing Survey
Crew Activities List
Vehicle Maintenance
Site Event Report
Territory Inspection
Communication Check
Incident Reports
Training Monitoring
Work Time and Attendance
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